“Medical Center Hospital worked with Inavex on Quality Waste and Quality Staffing Transformation initiatives. We achieved significant financial results in a very positive manner with participation of management and staff. Inavex was very knowledgeable about hospital operations and was able to share specifics on what other hospitals have done to improve. Bill Webster, our CEO is very happy we chose Inavex.”

Tony Ruiz
Chief Operating Officer
Medical Center Hospital
Odessa, Texas

Inavex provides hospitals and other healthcare organizations immediate assistance in achieving significant savings while ensuring excellent care and service. This is done by utilizing our DIRECT to RESULTS (“D2R”) solution set. D2R is a series of Rapid Improvement Cycles that improve quality and financial performance quickly. This can be augmented by out Internet Staffing Tool – Performance Insights that provides Real-Time information and insight into Quality, Service, and Staffing.

Our consultants are all seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success. We work collaboratively with your staff and physicians to ensure continuous improvement.

Why Inavex?

  • Speed of Results – Results Start Day One
  • Ability to Get Started Very Quickly
  • Known Senior Consultants Only
  • 100% Success Rate with Tangible ROI
  • Results are Achieved in a Positive Manner Embraced by Management and Staff
  • We Guarantee our Fee
  • We Provide a Clear Road Map on How to Improve
  • We can Show you Specifically by Department what Other Hospitals Have Done to Improve
  • We Apply an Improvement Structure of Accountability that Drives Results
  • We Utilize an Innovative Application of Quality Methods with Practical Use of Lean Six-Sigma